How Packaging can influence

Has this ever happened with you, that you leave home with a definite purpose of buying a particular product but eventually end up buying something entirely different?

Or you must have definitely seen a kid craving and yearning to buy a particular toy just because it’s packed in a big colourful box. This is how good packaging can bring a huge impact on your business and brand positioning. The package itself can invoke an impulsive urge in people to buy the product even if they don’t have an immediate requirement.

In the world of branding and packaging design, the basic elements that float to the surface and provide customers with new ways of building a perception about different products and brands are the representation, both in value, as well as in emotion and same goes, when we talk about customer’s perceived value, a lot of different things come to mind as some people look at perceived value as an emotional element, others a visible one.

As the economy and globalization keep on driving advancement, the variations of better approaches to brand and package items become countless. Brands utilize their aesthetics as an approach to impact how customers associate with the brand on an emotional level.

Below are the few elements which should be considered while working on packaging solutions, in order to associate with the impression of the brand and the product inside.

Brand Positioning

While you think about developing brand loyalty from customers, good packaging helps a lot, as effectively recognizable brand names make attraction through their colours, symbols, or packaging styles. Making product lines or grouping within the same recognizable packaging style makes a basic route for clients to remember you inside any retail climate.

Keeping these elements in mind, when different products or brands are stacked in comparison with one another, the one which stands out and is most recognizable will create the highest sense of attraction and curiosity in the customers. Every packaging design firm knows and follows these basic criteria for creating a brand’s market position.

Packaging Design and Quality

Another important element that matters is the quality, we see a wide variety of quality standards for brands using packaging as an alignment. Nowadays some brands are using packaging as a masking source of quality levels within, as most of us would have experienced at least once, that the packaging looked so promising that eventually made you buy the product, the product quality within was quite disappointing.

On the other hand, brands like Apple have always done an incredible job with their packaging, and that too with an alignment to the quality lying within.

That is the reason how they could build an ever-green connection with the customers, by delivering both, external as well as a promising quality inside.

The Colour Connection

Talking about colour, it has been argued as one of the most important packaging factors. We all see and experience it in our day-to-day lives, for example, while shopping for children’s cereals all the products we’ll see will often be with bright and colourful packaging. Whereas, on the other hand, healthier options like granola brands, will have more neutral colours and earth tones to them.

Alternatively, brands that want to give off the impression of luxury often use colours like black, silver, and gold to make bold statements.

Perceived Value

While we talk about the perception of value, there are several ways that brands can align to elevate or shift their positioning in the market.

Aesthetics and functionality can also have a great influence when it comes to perceived value. A good example to justify this is a good presentation packaging for an expensive liquor, as anything that is connected to luxury makes it the perfect thing when comes to presenting as a gift.

The conclusion of the story is, packaging matters and can really help you build a good market position and we highly recommend working with an experienced team that understands both the psychology, as well as the production process.

In case you are keen on having a talk about revamping or creating an exceptional packaging design, get in touch with us today.