With the right brand campaign, you have the potential to establish your organization’s brand in the mind of consumers for generations to come. By establishing a positive core image for your brand, you can actually increase the chance that your product or service will come to mind when it’s time for a consumer to make a purchasing decision.
Knowing the importance of a marketing campaign, Sociapa can help you with this opportunity to build, or rebuild, your brands image in the mind of the consumer. Through these initiatives, your product or service can become not only a household name, but the go-to product whenever your audience is ready to make a purchase. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create an effective brand campaign that can be used to guide your overall marketing efforts for years to come.

We successfully have done many marketing campaigns for our existing brands and can surely make yours a success too.


Apis - #SehatKaSaath

Mint ChocOn - #MintNahiHintHai

Bonn - #KhayalApnoKa

Apis - #WhenIThinkHealthy

Brand Launch -

We have launched multiple brands through our team efforts

Badhai Decor

They are the home furnishing brand which sells handcrafted products online. We developed the brand from the basic. Starting from their Product photoshoot to their website, Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimization.

Mugdh Farms

Mugdh Farms is an online app-based dairy & farm who deliver farm fresh milk, vegetables and fruits at your doorstep. Our team helped designing Logo, website, mobile application, Branding strategies, Collaterals, social media, SEO, Content writing, all communication services online as well as offline. Our prime objective is the growth of the brand.

Janhvi Kapoor - Mint Chocon

Mint Chocon is a candy by Mahak Group. It is based on an international concept, with the fusion of mint and chocolate which in itself is the only candy in India with these two flavours together. Our team launched this candy with Jhanvi Kapoor as the face, through influencer marketing. We manage their entire social media Channels, branding and SEO.


Corporate Videos

A corporate video is a video shared in the public domain which focuses on your company, your culture and your employees as a whole, rather than specific product or services. These kinds of videos can help you build brand credibility and trust by emphasizing your company’s history and employees and can connect on an emotional level with viewers.

Kapil Anand Agro

Apis India

Influencer Campaigns

The term “Influencer” refers to anyone who has an established social media following and is considered to have ‘influence’ over their followers. Incorporating influencer marketing into your social media strategy can be really beneficial as it allows you to reach a niche, engaged audience and expand your brand presence.
We at Sociapa have a dedicated in-house influencer team who has developed and vetted an active community of authentic influencers. We can help your brand engage and activate audiences across India through top macro & micro influencers across all social media platforms. Using our unique expertise, we develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategies to amplify your brand story at scale and reach billions of people.

Apis - Campaign

Mint ChocOn Campaign