10 Best Video Campaigns Of The Decade

10 Best Video Campaigns Of The Decade

With the changing time, Marketing has moved on from traditional billboards & brochures to Television Ads to the more creative and measurable form in 21st century which is Digital Marketing. Even though it was a slow transition, but a considerable number of brands have started diverting a major chunk of their Marketing budget from offline marketing to Digital Marketing. 

Moving forward, in this blog we have put some light on some of the Best Digital Video Marketing Campaigns from brands which were extraordinarily successful and came with a strong social message.

What makes these ads the best is the impact they had on the growth of the brand, and because they manage to hit on some universal truth that allows us to remember these campaigns years after they first began. 

Here then are 10 of the most memorable marketing campaigns of the past decade.

“Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” - Airtel

This campaign was released in 2011. It was the time when Airtel was in competition against the two viral going campaigns, Vodafone Zoozoos, Pug and Idea’s ‘What an idea, Sirji’. The campaign was surely a big success as even to this date it continues to be among the best jingles created for a brand and sealed Taproot’s success as an independent advertising agency.

Released in year 2012, this video campaign features a medley of cartoon characters trying to get across a serious message in a light-hearted way: Loitering near train tracks can be fatal. In Melbourne, Australia, Metro Trains wanted to get across a simple message of no horsing around near train tracks. Disorderly conduct could lead to injuries, or even death, but instead of typical warning signs or announcements inside train stations, Metro Trains came up with Dumb Ways to Die, a song that has garnered 157 million YouTube views since it debuted in 2012.

“Dumb Ways to Die" - Melbourne Metro Train's

“Real Beauty Sketches” - Dove

This video ad released by Dove in 2013, shows that women are more beautiful than they think by comparing sketches based on how they see themselves to strangers’ descriptions. In today’s world where social media has its impact all over, everybody tends to compare themselves with the others, which eventually makes them think low about their own beauty or status. This ad comes with a motive that impart a message – never underestimate the value of yourself. This ad garnered 69,523,670 views since its release.

Over the years, Thai Life has mastered the art of emotional storytelling. Their videos are life inspired and reach the audience at an emotional level. This ad released in 2014, shows how a generous man helps all the people around and gets love and happiness that money can’t buy in exchange. This video ad closely aligns with the brand’s social goals which are inspired both by people and for the good of people which has gained a total of 95,035,079 views till the date.

“Unsung Hero” - Thai Life

“Like A Girl” - Always

Released in the year 2014, this video campaign has a total of 69,596,745 views till date. It also swept a series of awards, from a Grand Clio and a Cannes Grand Prix, to a Black Pencil and White Pencil at D&AD as well as an Emmy. Promoting gender equality, the campaign basically redefined the phrase “like a girl” from being a gender-based insult to something that conveys power, strength and confidence. 

In 2015 Greeting card company American Greetings capitalized on those fears by posting a fake job listing, then doing video conference interviews with respondents.  Where in the interviewer details the harsh working conditions the job entails – no breaks, extra work on holidays, not even time off to sleep. The interviewees squirm in discomfort. Finally, the big reveal comes out with acknowledging them all what moms do every day. The interviewees wipe away tears, talk about their own mothers, and the video ends with a quick link to American Greetings’ card creation website. This ad has garnered 127, 260 Views till the date.

“World’s Toughest Job” - American Greetings

“Mauka Mauka” – Star Sports

With a total of 8,113,454 views till date, Star Sports conceptualized this ad with Bubblewrap Films to promote its broadcast of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Although initially planned as a standalone advert for the India–Pakistan group stage match, following the positive response for the first video, the channel made a series of adverts for each of India’s matches at the World Cup.

Along with gathering a total number of 9,481,610 views, this ad was released in the year 2016 and it went viral and touched many lives. Everyone emotionally connected with the ad and it even moved many to tears. The adorable grandmother seems to remind everyone of their own grandmother. This ad was made by Masaan’s director Neeraj Ghaywan and even won a Bronze at the A list awards, Hollywood.

“Fuelled By Love” – British Airways

“Fearless Girl” - McCann’s

Released in year 2017, this campaign was about women and other minorities getting under paid for their jobs. The Asset manager State Street and advertising agency McCann New York installed the bronze statue in New York’s financial district to call attention to the lack of gender diversity in boardrooms. It became an overnight sensation and cultural icon almost instantly, picking up a bunch of awards on the Cannes ad festival’s first day.

Considering the situations and scenarios of the year 2020, where people and Indian economy was falling under the bad consequences of Covid-19, Facebook released this heart touching ad featuring generosity and kindness of a girl named Pooja, who not only gives employment opportunities to the people in need but also makes sure to keep their emotions and needs in check and eventually her one bold step towards goodness leads to her own success. Facebook subtly integrated it’s own property of how it connects people in need, this ad has garnered 20,146,462 views till the date.

“More Together” - Facebook


Wouldn’t you agree to the fact that each of the campaigns had a social message, somehow triggering our emotional values and eventually people tend to build a lot more trust upon the things, they have an emotional connect with, so it becomes a win-win situation with these kinds of campaigns.

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